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Agro MARIĆ LLC was founded in 1999 and headquartered in Prijedor. At the very beginning of our work we imported second-hand tractors (Ursus, Zetor, John Deere), agricultural and original parts for Ursus, Zetor and LKT 81 and IMT. We have imported some of Motorpalovog program (diznih and Bosh pumps ...) for tractors and cars.

Early in 2003, we have expanded the program to sell the circular and band saw blades, steel wire ropes and chains for forestry and construction needs. In our range, we still have: batteries, all kinds of oils and lubricants, HTZ equipment, band and circular saws and tires for agricultural and construction machinery.

That same year, we have offered our customers a large range of agricultural machinery and tractors, spare parts and other supporting equipment for the said industry.

Quality service and product longevity are the arguments regarding which brands LKT, IMT and Zetor is found in our range. If you want the best solution for you, please contact us because we are surely the best solution for you.

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